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The GSD has once again expressed concern about the general lack of cleaning and maintenance of our streets. Before announcing the award of the new street cleaning contract to Brittania Limited, Mr Cortes promised that within a year our streets would sparkle. It is now well over a year since the contract was awarded and unfortunately that promise can only be added to the long list of broken promises from this GSLP Government.

Trevor Hammond, GSD environment spokesman said “as another summer approaches and having experienced a relatively dry winter, it is already clear that the street cleaning services are inadequate. Grime and bad smells are already emerging and with no rain likely for months now it’s a concern that both visitors and residents should have to experience this. The Government must examine the adequacy of the cleaning services and ensure that improvements are made as a matter of urgency.

“Hand in hand with this problem is the general lack of maintenance if streets and buildings. It seems that while Government pursues its construction rampage it has forgotten that what is already there also requires maintenance. Roads and pavements are falling apart and many buildings look tired and dilapidated. Government will no doubt try and blame private landlords for this latter but you only have to look at our Parliament building in the centre of Main Street with its shabby appearance and peeling paint to see that Government is not leading by example. Have they no shame that our town is being left in such a state?”