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The government’s response to the GSD’s criticism of the new Notification of Vacancy fee is a one dimensional view which reflects its lack of understanding of the real issues facing local businesses today.

GSD spokesperson Orlando Yeats said ” The Government can throw as many statistics into the argument as they like, the fact is that before the April 1st increase there was a route that a business could navigate to be able to place a vacancy for free by having the vacancy opened for 10 days. This is no longer the case and  employers will have to pay £17 fee per vacancy every time.

Previously the department charged employers £16 as a penalty for filling a vacancy within 10 days, the same scenario today would now cost employers £32.  There are many instances  that force a business to replace personnel immediately through no fault of their own. To suggest businesses are happy to pay this fee is fantasy.

The stark truth is that this is further bureaucracy and a tax on jobs which is a disincentive to job creation.

We once again urge the Government to heed the concerns of the GFSB to reconsider this extortionate and unfair charge.