Rock of Gibraltar

The GSD notes the report on GBC reference illegal fishing by the Captain of the Virgen del Carmen this weekend and the failure of the authorities to act in prevention of this crime despite full knowledge.

GSD environment spokesmen Trevor Hammond had the following to say “It is only a few weeks ago that we raised concerns about the numbers of Spanish fishing boats netting in our waters and the lack of response by the authorities; this is not an isolated incident, in fact it is becoming routine.

There is no excuse that can allow for the authorities ignoring a criminal act in our waters. We understand why the Environment department would deal with the potential public health hazard of a dead dolphin but the other authorities or resources should be directed to enforce our laws in the face of illegal fishing which the Govt had pledged to stamp out with their motto “aquí no se pesca” which has now fallen by the wayside despite the millions of pounds spent on marine assets.

Though, the excuse used on this occasion lacks all credibility, it is very much in line with this Government’s policy of misleading our community, whether it be on public finances, Brexit, air pollution, agency workers, parking or even beach cameras. The latter which became the talk of the town when they suddenly switched off beachcams to ‘protect privacy’. We deserve honest answers. Surely, they do not believe we, and the community we represent can be fooled this easily. The GSD will continue to hold the Government to account on every issue of concern to our community”