The GSD has today reinforced its policy on carers and calls for greater understanding and support amongst our community.

The GSD believes carers are a silent pillar of our economy, with many carers, usually family or friends giving up of their time and energy to help those in need without any recognition. Shadow Minister for Health and Care, Lawrence Llamas MP said today “We have a duty to recognise legitimate carers within the community, this can be achieved by setting up a Care Quality Commission which freely and independently monitors the care sector whether private or public.

During my maiden budget speech in 2016 I called for an individual Carers’ Support Plan and supportive carer policies in order to truly take Gibraltar to a different level in line with other modern forward-thinking societies around the world, however nothing has happened in this respect.

I also called for stay home unpaid Carers to be provided with enhanced employment conditions, respite, financial benefits, training and advice etc. Whilst acknowledging that some carers who have sympathic employers may already enjoy some of these benefits, the reality is the majority of those who work in addition to caring for a dependent person do not. This is why it is important to provide an accessible legislative framework in this area so that it is open to scrutiny, clear and available to all recognised care-givers.”

The GSD is fully committed to this and looks forward to rolling out its health and care policies which extend beyond what’s already been voiced.