This development raises serious environmental issues as well as representing a loss of amenity and important marina services. The GSD also asks if there are any links between the developer of the site and that of Victoria Keys.

Gibraltar has been subjected to incessant and piecemeal development with no obvious strategic direction. There is a clear need for strategy and for taking stock of the effect on our environment, port, services and infrastructure as well as our needs more generally.

While the GSD recognizes the need and value of development we cannot lose sight of the fact that we been subjected to a cycle of non-stop and extensive development with little, if any, overall and structured planning.  Gibraltar needs to take a much more considered and structured approach to development and not ignore the impact that such intense activity will have on not just aesthetics but our physical and mental well-being.

Trevor Hammond, GSD environment spokesman said “We agree with the Commission’s decision to seek an impact assessment on traffic. But the issues to be considered are much deeper than that. We are subjected to works and the associated disruption it causes constantly, at all hours of the day and night and in almost all areas of Gibraltar. This Government has grown a concrete jungle and its vision seems only to be to continue to grow it, developing every square metre as a Minister has stated. We are tired of the constant noise, dust, traffic and pollution created by so much development. This ‘development fatigue’ must be considered by Government because while they may consider development to be a sign of success, the impact on quality of life and the environment is not being accounted for. We are also not properly understanding or assessing our needs. It is time to stop and think. We cannot see how this development makes sense in the wider need to properly plan for Gibraltar”.