When elected a GSD Government will scrap the unfair fees charged to a business for opening a job vacancy and all the connected penalties. The GSD is committed to an easier and more business-friendly approach that will encourage and commend all for creating jobs that will benefit our economy. 

 GSD spokesperson Orlando Yeats said:

“The GSD feels that charging employers £17 for creating job vacancies and penalising them £15 for filling them within a 10 day period shows how out of touch the GSLP-Liberal Government is with the fast-paced needs and requirements of modern-day businesses, especially those that have high staff turnover.

The GSD understands that a business sector in which commerce is nurtured, rather than taxed directly or indirectly at every given opportunity, makes for a stronger and more vibrant economy resulting in job and economic growth from which all will benefit.

Furthermore, we would also remove the dated 10 day waiting rule and introduce an online employment portal that gives job seekers access to real time job opportunities that are listed by prospective employers.

We need to move processes online, it’s the 21stCentury and having a system based on triplicate carbon copy forms is like doing business in the 80’s.”