The Government’s recent press release on cruise liner arrivals hides the true picture
GSD Spokesperson Orlando Yeats said:
“The Government’s statement claiming that the decline in this year’s cruise passenger numbers is due to “operational and cyclical reasons” is nothing other than political spin.
According to the Cruise Industry News Annual Report “The Mediterranean has clawed its way back to being the second biggest cruise market in the world and is expecting a record year in capacity in 2019.” A report that does not back up the Government’s claim or tie in with visitor statistics in Gibraltar.
The Government goes on to boast that tourism expenditure increased last year, this may be so but its record pales in significance compared to the GSD’s time in office. If we look at tourist expenditure from 2008 – 2018 the GSLP-Liberals average £222m per year against GSD’s 265m per year without taking inflation into account.
Perhaps the relevant Minister should step out of their office to have a walk down Main Street and the Marinas to speak to traders, then he or she may understand the real effect that the downturn in tourists is having on local business.”
           Blue – GSD years        Pink – GSLP years
                                              Red (inflation adjusted)