The latest Government retort to the GSD on BREXIT adds nothing of substance. It is just one long political rant. Mr Picardo is visibly getting nervous that the GSD criticism about his bad deal is too close to the bone.

If there ever was a political party that put its interests above country that was the GSLP who spent eight years negotiating a new constitution for Gibraltar and then refused to advocate a “Yes” vote at the 2006 referendum which was convened to endorse what it had helped negotiate. Instead, the GSLP tried to convert that referendum into a vote of no confidence in Peter Caruana. If there ever was a political party that was fractured it is Mr Picardo’s new GSLP whose spendthrift and reckless attitude to public finance is totally out of kilter with the repeated message of economic unsustainability of Sir Joe Bossano.

Mr Picardo’s finger pointing and accusations against the GSD will do nothing to mask his own inability to negotiate a good deal for Gibraltar. The GSD is united in its opposition of his bad deal. Mr Picardo is so wedded to Theresa May’s skirts that he now seeks to promote the rapidly indefensible. The Prime Minister came back from Brussels last week as good as empty-handed. Her deal is unlikely to get through the UK Parliament. In the unlikely event that it does and we move into a second phase of negotiating a permanent future relationship with the EU it is clear that Mr Picardo is not the right person to negotiate that future relationship. If he thinks this bad deal in which Spain gets a say over our affairs is good for Gibraltar imagine what he would bring back as our permanent future relationship with the EU.

When Mrs May is forced to openly set out her case against a People’s Vote it is because there is growing momentum in the UK Parliament for it. Such a vote would allow us the chance to express a view to remain. That is our best chance for the future. It is not Mr Picardo’s bad deal and soft, directionless, political shape-shifting style for the future relationship negotiations. His actions and reactions show he is unreliable. Maybe Sir Joe Bossano will come to his rescue.