Chief Minister wrong on Savings Bank funding of Victoria Stadium

In his Direct Democracy interview on GBC on Tuesday the Chief Minister stated that it was never the intention to fund the development of the Victoria Stadium with Savings Bank money and that the GSD had mischaracterised what Sir Joe Bossano had said.

Roy Clinton MP the GSD Shadow Minster for Public Finance and the Savings Bank stated the following:

“The Chief Minister’s statement as to the Savings Bank never having been intended to fund the Victoria Stadium development is quite simply wrong. This has been the subject of numerous Government press releases and even a GBC Viewpoint programme in which Sir Joe spelt out his thinking on the use of Savings Bank money to fund the Stadium.

The general public can verify this for themselves, if they cannot remember the debate, with a simple search of the internet. In their press release of 22 November 2022 the Government stated that:
‘The money that will be invested will be the money depositors have placed with the Savings Bank’.

The Chief Minister might think he is allowed poetic licence in an election year but he cannot be allowed to get away with rewriting the record in an Orwellian way to cover his Government’s evident U-Turn in policy.’