Shadow Ministerial Responsibilities Announced
Following on from last week’s general election, Keith Azopardi, the Leader of the Opposition (elect) has assigned the responsibilities of the Shadow Cabinet as follows:
Keith Azopardi: Post-Brexit issues; European & International affairs, Self-Determination & United Nations issues, decolonisation and sovereignty; constitutional reform; civil rights; parliamentary reform & governance, the Public Service, MOD Industrial Relations, the Economy, personal status and immigration;
Damon Bossino: Housing, Lands & Transport – Housing, Development & Planning, Urban renewal, Land allocation, Shipping, the Port, Transport, civil aviation and style of Government issues;
Roy Clinton: Finance & Value for Money –Public Finance, Public Sector efficiency & procurement; financial stability, Gibraltar Savings Bank, taxation, international tax agreements & exchange of information, financial services, gaming and value for money;
Craig Sacarello: Business, Trade, Industry, Utilities and Community– Utilities, small business, postal services, telecoms, e-government, trade, industry, inward investment and a special responsibility for community and civic engagement;
Edwin Reyes: Education, Employment & Culture – Education, Training, Skills (including traditional skills, digital skills & technology), Employment, Industrial Relations, Culture, broadcasting and Sport
Joelle Ladislaus: Health & Justice – Health & Public Health; Justice [including emergency services, civil contingencies, fire, police, customs & borders & coastguard]
Giovanni Origo: Environment, Tourism, Youth, & Equality – Tourism, Heritage, the Environment, young people, civic pride; equalities;
Atrish Sanchez: Care & Opportunity –Care [including Elderly Residential Services, Care Agency] social services, drugs, the elderly, families, social security, special needs, disabilities.
Keith Azopardi said: “Last week’s election was one of the tightest ever seen. For the first time since the introduction of the 2006 Constitution the Government will have a majority of just one in Parliament. We were backed by almost half of the voters who participated in the election. The issues we campaigned upon have not magically disappeared nor were they invented. While the result was deeply disappointing to all those people who wanted change, we will continue our work and build from this stronger base.
We will represent the people who wanted change and seek to persuade those who did not back us on this occasion to do so next time. We will discharge our duty to the people of Gibraltar in the role they have given us seriously and competently and will continue to hold this Government to account.”