Serious Concerns on the Availability of Routine Dental Checks for Children

By 2nd March 2022 No Comments

The GSD has been receiving regular complaints from parents in relation to the very limited availability of routine check-ups for children. It is well understood that COVID-19 would have impacted on the delivery of this vital service given the redeployment of medical teams during the height of the health crisis. We are now living side by side with the virus, and we must ensure that the dental service provided to children returns without further delay.

Shadow Minister for Health Elliott Phillips MP said:

“It is unacceptable for children not to have seen a dentist for a period fast approaching 3 years. We are receiving complaints regarding a complete breakdown in the information being provided with some reports being received that parents are being advised that it could take up to 3 years for their child to be seen by a dentist. If these reports are accurate this is a damming indictment of the Government’s handling of its restoration policy.

Mr Phillips continued:

“The Government must pull their heads out of the sand, stop blaming others for their failings and get our health service back on track, particularly in areas and specialisms which are capable of being restored in quick order. Our people expect nothing less than a close as to normal restoration of services and excuses by the Government simply will not wash anymore.”