In reply to Government the GSD have said that it is staggering that the Government should make the claim that they are tackling the issues of parking and transport infrastructure, the parking situation has never been worse than under this Government and our roads and pavements have never been in poorer condition.

Trevor Hammond, GSD transport spokesman said “the Government is stretching peoples credulity beyond all limits. They are selling off parking spaces at eye watering prices to the wealthy few who can afford them in a desperate grab for cash because they have brought our public finances to a ruinous state of debt. They then try and make us believe that this will help the parking situation more than renting the spaces. That simply does not add up, renting will simply make the spaces available to a wider number of people. That they are later going to rent out a few spaces is utterly irrelevant as the vast majority of spaces are being sold.

“Government has of course entirely missed the other point about renting, that the spaces ultimately remain owned by Government and can be disposed of in the future for other purposes. It is not possible to predict what future needs the schools may have, or the community may have. Maintaining ownership will keep options open for future administrations.

“The fact is that seven years under the GSLP/Liberals has brought our transport network to its knees. They are now trying to cover up this desperate scramble for money by claiming it will ease the parking problems that they have created. Well it might help a few rich people, the rest of us will continue to struggle for parking”