The Government’s statement in reply to the concerns raised by the GSD in relation to Mount Alvernia and the Rooke facility fails to address the very serious concerns the public has with this project.

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, who leads the Government should not have to wait for Minister Bossano before answering the highly relevant questions posed by the GSD Opposition. Why is he not able to assuage people’s concerns about things such as the standard of care, whether the container building accords with best practice for elderly living, what will happen to the Mount Alvernia site and if the site has already been identified for sale and if so to whom? Is he or the Minister responsible for the elderly unable to answer these questions? Is he unaware of the detail of what is, in effect, the backdoor privatisation of our elderly residential facilities?

Referring to the Sunborn smacks of nothing other than a cheap, ineffective and irrelevant side-stepping of the fundamental questions impacting on the care to our elderly that the Rooke project raises. The electorate see through him and his Government.