GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi, is today announcing adjusted Shadow Responsibilities in the context of Lawrence Llamas’
return to the GSD.
These are as follows:
Elliott Phillips: Housing, Employment, Training & Skills, Parliamentary Reform & Governance, Civil Aviation
Roy Clinton: Economy, Public Finance, Gibraltar Savings Bank, Public Sector Efficiency & Procurement, Inward
Investment, Small Business, Telecoms, Heritage
Trevor Hammond: Brexit & European Affairs & Constitutional Reform, Environment [including Health & Safety],Tourism, Transport & Traffic,
the Port, Planning , Civil Contingencies
Edwin Reyes: Education, Sports & Leisure, Culture, Public Sector (including Civil Service issues) & MOD Industrial Relations
Daniel Feetham: Justice (including the emergency services, fire, customs, prison & the police), Civil Rights, Equality
& Exchange of Information, Financial Services & Gaming,
Lawrence Llamas: Health & Care (including Social Services and Drugs); Youth, Families, Children & the Elderly,
Utilities (Electricity & Water) and e-government.
The main change is Mr Llamas taking conduct of the Health & Care portfolio as well as other responsibilities.
Stemming from that Elliott Phillips who formerly had the Health portfolio has been reassigned other responsibilities
including the Employment, Training and Skills agenda.
While the responsibilities for Constitutional Reform and Parliamentary Reform and Governance are matters on which
Mr Azopardi leads on he has assigned the conduct of those matters within Parliament to Trevor Hammond and Elliott
Phillips respectively who will work closely with him on such matters.
As the House is presently engaged in a Question & Answer session which has been tabled under the old
responsibilities these new Shadow Responsibilities are effective from the end of the current Q&A session.
As foreshadowed during the press conference last week Mr Azopardi has also asked Damon Bossino to take
on a number of duties to assist the Executive, MPs and him in necessary work ahead of the election. Specifically Mr
Azopardi has asked Mr Bossino to spearhead the work on reform of the Party’s constitution and to have a role as
General Spokesman on issues to assist the Party’s presentation of policy.
Mr Azopardi said: “These changes allow a greater sharing of responsibilities within the Parliamentary team and the
integration of Damon as part of a strengthened wider team. This builds on other changes that we have introduced
and the participation of numerous new individuals across the new structures we have created. All in all it will help to
continue to make us more effective and responsive to people’s needs.