Condition of Roads

The GSD has today expressed concern at the poor condition of many of our roads. In a statement, Trevor Hammond, GSD transport spokesman said that the pace of repairs to roads was not keeping pace with the rate of their deterioration and that all too often, the repairs themselves were poorly made stop gap measures which did not last.

He continued “with the current extreme pace of development we are seeing unprecedented numbers of heavy lorries on our streets and they are taking a severe toll on our roads. Some areas are so poor, with deep potholes left for many days without repair, that there is a real danger to road users, particularly those on two wheels. Often road markings are allowed to fade until they are almost invisible, causing confusion for motorists, particularly those not familiar with our roads, and risk to pedestrians in the case of zebra crossings not clearly marked.

“The pace of resurfacing and other road maintenance is inadequate. Apart from the hazard this poses to road users it leads to a distinct impression of abandon and general shabbiness. The images attached are of Winston Churchill Avenue as you arrive into Gibraltar, the first impression many tourists will have of our community, it is not unique in its shoddy condition. Government must consider additional measures to improve and make safer our roads”.