Road Resurfacing Welcome but Too Little Too Late

The GSD has today welcomed the fact that some resurfacing works on our roads have finally got under way, having been calling for them for nearly three years. For Government to describe these works as being part of a continued programme is however laughable when considering the overall state of our roads. Transport spokesman Trevor Hammond said “the GSD has already committed to a proper and planned programme of road repairs to make good the sorry state in which this Government has left our roads. For them to claim that this last-ditch effort to make some repairs in an election year, having allowed the roads in the last three years to fall into such a terrible state will fool no one. It is too little too late.

“The minister has been negligent in his duties these past 3 1/2 years. While his focus has been on finding new and ingenious ways of fining motorists, selling public parking spaces to the wealthy at exorbitant prices or creating peculiar cycle lines in pedestrianised areas he has totally ignored the condition of our roads until now, six months before a general election”.