The GSD congratulates Boris Johnson on his victory in the Conservative leadership election. Mr Johnson who will become Prime Minister tomorrow takes over the task of steering the UK towards and through the BREXIT deadline successfully. This task claimed Theresa May who unsuccessfully attempted to navigate those very complicated waters between the various Parliamentary factions and shades of public opinion on the most divisive of issues.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “We hope that Mr Johnson will ensure that he also has the wishes and interests of the people of Gibraltar in mind when considering BREXIT. We are the only British territory with a land frontier with mainland Europe. We have decisively expressed a wish to have a close relationship with the European Union and while Mr Johnson was one of the foremost advocates of the Vote Leave campaign we trust he will be sympathetic to the economic and political aspirations of the people of Gibraltar. A free flowing border and market access to the EU and the UK are clear goals for Gibraltar and it is important he does his utmost to ensure our political and economic rights are protected and fully respected by Spain.”