The U.K. yesterday published detailed guidelines for the prescription by specialist doctors of medicinal cannabis.

( ata/file/373505/The_supply_of_unlicensed_medicinal_products__specials_.pdf​).

The review in U.K. legislation has been recommended by the U.K. Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs composed of senior consultant doctors, scientists and leading professionals in the medical arena.

The GSD believes it would be beneficial for Gibraltar to very seriously consider the evidence and studies undertaken in the UK in order to establish how such an initiative can be adapted here.

Shadow Minister for Health Lawrence Llamas MP said today “essentially, a lot of the ground-work has been done in the U.K. GHA clinical management should consider the guidelines in detail and see how best to allow medical professionals the ability to prescribe medicinal cannabis under the GHA GPMS scheme.”

The GSD’s position is that these medicinal products should be available to alleviate the suffering of specific patients who are identified by doctors could benefit from these. It is essential therefore that these decisions are led by clinicians and taken within a well-regulated system of medicinal products.