There were aspects of Mr Picardo’s party political broadcast yesterday that smacked of cloud-cuckoo land and other aspects that were simply repeated falsehoods.
As his own fitness to ringfence conflicts and govern is under scrutiny in the McGrail Inquiry all Mr Picardo can do is do what he normally does – namely distract from his own failings. People will make a judgement in due course on his legacy
His insistence that there is nothing in the evidence before the McGrail Inquiry suggestive of concern is in stark contrast to the content of several opening submissions so far which clearly point to a highly inappropriate course of conduct by him to say the least. The GSD will not prejudge those issues. They are matters for the Chairman of the Inquiry. What Mr Picardo cannot however expect is to simply have his version accepted blindly until such time as the Inquiry has reached its findings. People will have heard for themselves and considered what has been said so far. Ultimately those matters will be decided by the Chairman.
In Mr Picardo’s rush to personalise an attack on Mr Azopardi as a distraction from the hole in which Mr Picardo finds himself he has repeated the falsehood that the GSD sought an appointment to invite direct rule. Mr Picardo knows this is a lie. For him to repeat this is scandalous. Mr Azopardi has published an extract of his communication to the Governor that says the precise opposite and made clear that the GSD were not seeking an assent conversation or inviting direct rule.
The GSD were always conscious of the constitutional boundaries. This may however not be the case with Mr Picardo’s somewhat incestous dealings at the heart of the McGrail Inquiry. Time will tell on that issue. That is a matter for the Inquiry.

The broadcast was simply a tired attempt to launch another attack on Mr Azopardi and portray himself as the only guardian of people’s interests. This portrayal is so thin and fragile in the face of the criticism he is facing in the McGrail Inquiry that it is hardly worth responding to. People see through his pathetic attempts. As his own fitness to occupy high office comes under scrutiny all he can do is try to distract from that. But that won’t succeed as the evidence unfolds in technicolour over the next few weeks.”