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For Mr Picardo to openly mock protestors outside no.6 Convent Place is the latest gesture of arrogance and disrespect against teachers.

The irony is that, as GTA President Victor Gonzalez had already explained at the May Day rally, the demonstration was not just about the pay claim but was about the “arrogance and disrespect” shown by Mr Picardo to teachers. To compound that by chanting “no more lies” back to the crowd in a mocking way Mr Picardo made matters worse.
Adding insult to injury Mr Picardo has asserted that there were not that many teachers present at the demonstration in a clear attempt to be dismissive about its importance.

Additionally in his customary way he has tried to erect a smokescreen and blame the GSD for politicizing the issue. The GSD have done the opposite of politicising matters. We respected the decision of the Union that politicians should stay away from the demo. We simply expressed support for teachers in their understandable wish for respect.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “In Government the GSD would adopt an entirely different approach to Mr Picardo. We would be fair, constructive and respectful to our educators. The GSD is certainly not to blame for Mr Picardo’s behaviour. He is a master of his own actions and people can see that for themselves on video released yesterday. Soon enough people will be able to choose between our vision of respect and constructive engagement with public sector workers and Mr Picardo’s dismissive arrogance.”

Shadow Education Minister Edwin Reyes said: “After decades in the teaching profession I know that teachers take the decision to take industrial action and to demonstrate very seriously and would only do so when they feel it is a very last resort. Teachers understandably deserve respect and are angry about what has happened and the treatment received from Mr Picardo. They deserve better.”