Government cannot spin out of mismanagement of tourist sites Weak and ineffective deflection and spin by the Government will not dissuade the GSD opposition from continuing to highlight the core point, which is that Gibraltar needs to have a much more ambitious programme to properly utilise its heritage and touristic assets in the most effective way. Raising value for money considerations in respect of the management of some of Gibraltar’s most iconic sites is not an exercise in bullying but one of an Opposition exposing what appears to amount to an ineffective use of public funds. The GSD is of the firm view that Gibraltar‘s tourist offering is lacking and is not being effectively, efficiently and sensitively exploited for our economic benefit.  This is a failing of the Gibraltar Government and not a private company and is something the GSD will be determined to address immediately upon entering office in a few months time. Insofar as Parsons Lodge is concerned, the Government’s response amounts to little more than playground politics which fails to address the very serious points made by the GSD, which is that the site has been used to store “rubbish” in the removal company’s own words.  “No amount of deflection and spin will get the Government off the hook as ultimately it is their and no one else’s responsibility.” said Damon Bossino