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The GSD Opposition will be asking over 80 questions at the next meeting of Parliament that starts on Monday 20 January 2020.

There are significant questions raised on issues of mental health, concerns affecting persons with disabilities, financial issues, BREXIT, education, housing, heritage and the environment.

Highlighting some of the main questions:

Elliott Phillips MP [Shadow Health & Environment Minister] will focus his questions on this occasion largely on mental health exploring issues of dementia, counselling, mental health complaints, and the mental health budget. He will also ask about sick leave in the civil service and wave power generation.

Daniel Feetham MP [Shadow Employment, Equalities & Justice Minister] will ask a number of questions on disability allowances, sheltered employment, social assistance, child welfare, autism and training. He is also presenting a Motion to Parliament asking Government to review the system of disability allowances to improve the current system.

Damon Bossino MP [Shadow Financial Service, Port & Shipping & Tourism Minister] will ask questions on the future of the Mount given its heritage & tourism importance, tourism, banking and aviation.

Roy Clinton MP [Shadow Finance Minister] will be asking a number of questions on public finances and in respect of the financial implications of a number of public contracts. He will also ask how the Government will strengthen public finances and curb abuses and whether the Government will set up a BREXIT bail fund which has been requested by the Chamber of Commerce.

Edwin Reyes MP [Shadow Education, Housing, Culture & Sport Minister] will ask about outstanding works on sports facilities, vacant teaching posts, the possibility of wardens at Albert Risso House, the extent of housing lists, unlawful occupation of Government flats and the extent of unsold housing at the new project of Hassans Centenary Terraces.

Leader of the Opposition Keith Azopardi MP has a number of diverse questions on the environment affecting Catalan Bay, talks with Spain in the context of BREXIT, the public effects of 5G technology, the promotion of recycling in refuse collection, the establishment of a Code of Conduct for Ministers and other BREXIT or governance related questions.

Mr Azopardi said: “Much of the focus of our questions in this session will highlight issues of social justice, equality and mental health as well as the environment and housing. We will be probing Government in all these areas to ensure that support services for persons with disabilities, with mental health issues or training needs is improved. We want to see access to public services enhanced for those citizens who suffer inequalities of opportunity or support.”