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The GSLP Leader needs to relax and get his facts right rather than accuse the GSD of saying things we have not.

At yesterday’s press conference and in answer to a press question on training Keith Azopardi said that we had always been committed to training and gave the example of when the GSD reopened the nursing school for staff nurse training in the late 1990s. The GSLP before we were elected in 1996 had stopped staff nurse training. That is a fact and the GSD stands by that.

Instead Mr Picardo wildly says that the GSD had accused his administration of closing the nursing school now. That is not what was said. This is the second time in two days that the GSLP Leader displays his jitters. He did so yesterday on our Gibraltar 2050 plan which he completely misunderstands as another development plan. That just shows how directionless his own approach is that he does not believe in long-term strategic planning.

We invite him to make this election a real contest of ideas and stop raising smokescreens that have nothing to do with the substantive policies and choices open to the electorate. That’s what people are interested in.