The Government’s statement that the Rooke site “will eventually replace Mount Alvernia” requires further explanation.

Minister Bossano, who made the statement to the Chronicle, needs to explain how that stated intention sits with the impression he has given before that Mount Alvernia will not be closed.

The Government should therefore (i) confirm and explain in greater detail what its plans are in respect of Mount Alvernia, to include, if it will close what it intends to do with the building; (ii) state whether new residents will be admitted into Mount Alvernia; (iii) confirm that the current financial arrangements that apply to Gibraltar residents who use residential facilities of this nature will continue to apply and if not how they will change; (iv) who will fall under the category of people who the Government states will pay for the facilities privately and what will such people be charged; and (v) state which entity will operate the home.

“These are important issues which the Government has failed to properly air in public and are causing concern among citizens.” said GSD MP Damon Bossino.