GSD Files Motion for Public Accounts Committee and unblocking of Audit Reports

The GSD has today filed a Parliamentary motion calling for the creation of a Public Accounts Committee as recommended by the Principal Auditor together with other measures to ensure that the audits of years subsequent to 2018 are facilitated and unblocked by Government.

Roy Clinton MP the GSD Shadow Minister for Public Finance stated the following:

“Today we have filed a motion to put into effect one of the Principal Auditor’s main recommendations which is that Parliament should set up a Public Accounts Committee (“PAC”) to follow up his reports. The Government have stated they do not support such a measure and will have the opportunity to demonstrate again their complete lack of commitment to transparency and accountability in our Public Finances. Alternatively they can, with proper reflection, commit to the establishment of a PAC which will provide important scrutiny for the tax-payer.

In addition to this measure we are seeking the undertaking of Government to unblock the taking of supplementary appropriation bills for 2019/21 and 2021/22 which will allow the Principal Auditor to complete his work for these years and bring matters up to date.“