Savings Bank Message Appears Contrary to Ministerial Code
Sir Joe Bossano who last week wrote to Savings Bank investors in brazen party-political terms is now compounding that by failing to recognise and underplay this abuse of his Ministerial role. The GSD has noted that Sir Joe Bossano in a letter to the Gibraltar Chronicle on 11 June has stated that he will continue to provide savings bank customers ‘our different views’ which are necessarily political in nature. This in respect to the highly party political message he sent to all depositors on Gibraltar Savings Bank letterhead.
Roy Clinton MP the GSD Shadow Minister for Public Finance and the Savings Bank stated the following:
“Sir Joe Bossano seems incapable of understanding the difference between party politics in Parliament and the use of public resources and databases to disseminate his political propaganda. Many depositors will have been surprised at his outrageously party-political communication.
I would advise Sir Joe and indeed the Director of the Savings Bank to read section 6.3 and 8.1 of the Ministerial Code that expressly prohibit the use of official facilities and resources for the dissemination of party political material. He should not use his office as Minister with responsibility for the Savings Bank in a way that breaches those provisions.
Much of what Sir Joe wrote to depositors is debatable and indeed will continue to be an area of disagreement as he uses savers money to fund his failing National Economic Plan. An example of which is the Rooke Nursing Home site which he has admitted has already run into delays and cash-flow problems. But that is a separate issue which should not be conflated with the important issue of principle that he should not use his office to issue party-political communications to depositors of the Bank.
The Gibraltar Savings Bank is a public institution held on trust by the Government, not a private sector investment vehicle or regulated bank and thus must be more transparent and open than any other institution. To use its resources and database to disseminate party political opinions is simply wrong.”