Meeting for Change

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Meeting for Change


The GSD are holding a Meeting for Change for GSD members at the John Mackintosh hall tomorrow Tuesday 22 November at 7pm.

GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi said: “There are so many people who feel that the time for change has come and want a different way of doing things. There are some major challenges on the horizon from public finances to the health service or care system to housing and the GSLP/Liberals are failing our people. With scarcely a few months to the next election the Party is on election footing. We will be ready whenever the election is called.

We want to hear from members on issues of concern. This meeting will provide a great opportunity for members to discuss issues with the Executive and MPs. As we shape our policies for the coming election it is a chance to influence our policy-making in important areas. We are structuring the meeting in the best way to make that happen. We really look forward to engaging with members tomorrow and as we make our preparations for the election.”