GSD Gibraltar Social Democrats

The reactions yesterday from the Government and Ms Hassan Nahon to the GSD’s statement on progressing Gibraltarclinicians’ ability to prescribe medicinal cannabis under the GHA’s GPMS scheme are as much childish as they aremisleading. Ms Hassan needs to be careful that her twist and spin type of politics is becoming indistinguishable to the GSLP.

The GSD fails to understand the divisive nature of the reaction to its press release by the Government and Ms Hassan Nahon given Parliament’s unanimously adopted position on the subject.  In their endeavour to attack the GSD they have chosen to ignore that all members of Parliament in fact approved a motion which stated that “the Government will be guided by the Drugs Advisory Council and the medical professionals therein”. Consistent with the position taken by the GSD previously our statement merely recommended that Gibraltar and our clinicians should have regard to the recent guidelines issued by the U.K. Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs and that these should be adapted by our own professionals and taking account of our circumstances.

Lawrence Llamas MP said “The GSD has stated it is in favour of the use of medicinal cannabis as long as it is clinician led and prescribed. This was in fact stated during the debate on the Motion in Parliament last year by the Hon Elliott Phillips. How and to whom medicinal cannabis should be prescribed is entirely for the professionals to decide. Politicians are elected to legislate and create policy which allows clinicians to prescribe what is best for their patients, whilst safeguarding everyone’s interests.

The reactions of the GSLP and Ms Hassan Nahon therefore pay little regard to the facts or patients interests. Gibraltar deserves better. The GSD will carry on doing the job we were elected to do in Gibraltar’s interests.”

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