The GSD notes the online publication by Government of parts of the Shell LNG Safety Report late last week and is conducting an assessment of whether the published content contains sufficient information to comply with legislation. The publication of this document does raise the very significant question of whether the public had been misled before the last election. What were then described as LNG Safety Reports did not contain all the information which is only now coming to light.

Trevor Hammond, GSD spokesman for the environment said “Back in 2015, just before the last election, the Government made claim to have published safety reports for the LNG installation, referring to them as final reports. The public might have believed at the time that it then had all of the information necessary on the safety of the LNG facility. The GSD said that what the Government had published was insufficient to comply with legislation. Only now has the government made appropriate extracts of the real safety report required by the Public Health Act, available. These are only extracts required for publication by law and still not the full reports.

“The government has misled the community from the very beginning regarding their LNG project. They have repeatedly misrepresented the information that has been available to the public in a political act designed purely to discredit the concerns raised on behalf of the community by the GSD. The Government should now publish the full safety report and not just extracts and be clear about its intentions regarding the growth of the LNG sector in Gibraltar.”