GSD Gibraltar Social Democrats

The GSD welcomes the increase payment of a maximum of £13 per week being offered to the residents of Elderly Residential Care (ERC) facilities. However, it does not agree with the strict non-accumulative policy being proposed.

Currently, residents receive an allowance of £12 per week, a sum which has not increased in a number of years. This allowance is received and will continue to be received directly into the bank accounts of the residents.

This week residents and family members have received a letter informing them of the additional weekly maximum of £13 increase, however, the additional allowance will not be processed in the same manner.

Firstly, the additional weekly £13 shall be paid upon presentation of receipts for goods purchased per week up to the a maximum cap of £13, with a cut-off time of a month for reimbursement

Secondly, the £13 weekly allowance is ​not ​cumulative.

By introducing the additional allowance as a second tier allowance, the Government is rightly ensuring that monies are used exclusively for the resident’s needs for as long as they are residents at one of the ERS facilities.

The GSD does not, however, believe that limiting the allowance purchase of goods in a weekly manner is in the best interests of the residents. GSD shadow minister for Health and Care Lawrence Llamas said “I would urge the government to review their policy decision and consider changing the implementation of this weekly policy to a quarterly one. By widening the criteria to a three month cycle, residents will be able to purchase more substantial essential goods such as clothing, underwear, footwear, perfume, vitamins etc which would be very difficult to do on a strict £13 weekly cycle. At the same time extending the period as suggested will ease the demand on admin staff to process receipts/payouts and soften the bureaucratic burden on users or their families”

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