Leader of Opposition Keith Azopardi Questions for the December Parliament Session

Parliament is scheduled to meet on Wednesday 21st December 2022 @ 3.00pm

1. Has the Gibraltar Football Association or any other entity paid or agreed to pay a premium for the development of the current site of the Victoria Stadium, if so which entity and in what amount?
2. How many Strep A cases have been diagnosed in Gibraltar by Gibraltar Health Authority personnel at 13 December 2022?
3. What measures are the GHA taking to make the risks and symptoms of Strep A better known in the community and what is it doing to deal with any cases that arise?
4. Can Government set out the current process in respect of the exportation, recycling, collection and treatment of household waste?
5. How are articles of household waste that are able to be recycled treated in comparison with other non-recyclable articles and where are they sent to once they are collected and leave Gibraltar?
6. How is the Government going to address the dispute with civil servants in ITLD?
7. How much money has been spent on:
(1) hardware;
(2) software;
(3) personnel;
(4) equipment;
(5) contracted services; (6) consultants
8. in connection with the computer or information technology infrastructure of the Government or its digital systems or e-government services over each of the financial years 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/21 and 2021/22 broken down by financial year and by each of the six individual items in the question?
9. How many people are currently employed within the Gibraltar Development Corporation at 13 December 2022?
10. How many vacant administrative posts in Government departments were there on 13 December 2022?
11. How many officers were occupying administrative posts in Government departments on an acting or temporary basis at 13 December 2022 broken down by particular clerical grade?
12. How many vacant posts were there in HM Customs at 13 December 2022 including those filled by officers on an acting basis or on temporary promotion?
13. How many vacant posts were there in the Borders & Coastguard Agency at 13 December 2022 including those filled by officers on an acting basis or on temporary promotion?
14. Why have child welfare payments been delayed in December?
15. How many of the 54 vacant posts in the Gibraltar Health Authority arising from the answer to Q293/2022 had been filled at 13 December 2022?
16. Has the Government spent or used any part of the additional £25Million which the Minister for Financial Stability confirmed in answer to Q491-2/2022 had been borrowed this financial year and if so how much and on what?
17. How many 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are projected to form part of the new Victoria Stadium development?
18. What is the sum that the Savings Bank intend to loan or invest in the new Victoria Stadium project?
19. How many expressions of interest have been received for the residential development on the Rooftop Level of Midtown Car Park and has the Government identified a preferred bidder?
20. What is the annual rental cost that will be paid in respect of St Mary’s School?
21. Are there any current arrangements in place or proposed arrangements being contemplated in the event of an EU-UK Treaty on a future relationship in respect of Gibraltar that would allow Gibraltar dialysis patients to obtain dialysis treatment while away temporarily in EU Member States?
22. Does the Government intend to review the current COVID self-isolation periods?
23. What measures are being considered by GHA in response to the recommendations made by the Coroner in relation to the recent case of an emergency response in a case where a 36-year-old man died?