Laya Comments Unacceptable

By 2nd January 2021 No Comments
Spain cannot decide who enters Gibraltar and there should not be Spanish officers exercising jurisdiction or control in Gibraltar.
The comments by Spanish Foreign Minister to El Pais as to Spain exercising such powers under the political agreement announced on New Years Eve would be unacceptable if true.

The GSD has not seen the political agreement entered into on 31 December and we make allowances that the Spanish Foreign Minister may be giving issues a gloss for her domestic audience but the Government needs to make clear what it has been prepared to agree.

This once again raises the issue of the need for greater knowledge of the details and the uncertainty that may make the period until a final legally binding Treaty emerges. For the public to be drip fed information over the next 6 months at a time and of a nature of Spain’s choosing will be counterproductive.

Ms Laya has also again emphasized the bilateral nature of the agreements between the UK and Spain. Again this would be unacceptable and was not the understanding the Opposition were being given that this part of the process was trilateral in nature.