The GSD revisited Laguna Estate at the kind invitation of the residents committee which follows a recent outreach program initiated by the GSD to better understand the concerns of residents in our housing estates. The visit included all GSD Members of Parliament.

It is clear to everyone at Laguna Estate that despite 7 years of promises and considerable investment by the taxpayer the Government has failed to deliver a fully refurbished estate and a sustainable program for ongoing maintenance of one of our larger housing estate.

Our 3 hour visit included engaging with a large number of residents as to their serious concerns over, unfinished works, poor workmanship, lack of supervision and serious concerns about the health safety of families and children living in the area.

Shadow Minister for Housing, Elliott Phillips MP said:

“ It is remarkable that since our last visit nothing seems to have moved on and the residents of Laguna Estate are plagued by continuing and in some case worsening problems. The residents have been very patient and are grateful for the investment made however they are rightly after 7 years fed up with the clear lack of progress in delivering a final and sustainable product. It is important that the residents and the Government work together in in facilitating access to areas to workers in order improve conditions in the wider Laguna community for the benefit of all residents.

Mr Phillips went on to say:

The residents who have effectively lived on a construction site for 7 years have every right to feel very disappointed by the level of unfinished works at Laguna from loose and stray utility cables, shoddy workmanship, dangerously exposed working areas to impractical solutions for many simple problems which are in part caused by poor planning at the pre-construction stage. It is disheartening to see so many straightforward issues be ignored or improperly dealt with which has compounded the more serious issues such as antisocial behaviour, security and a lacking pest control programme affecting the residents. We call on the Government to make good on their commitment to people of Laguna Estate whilst tackling serious and systemic issues of anti-social behaviour, security and drug related crime within the Estate”