“This defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement has been unsurprising  especially as events unfolded today when the Attorney General delivered his opinion. It represents another crushing verdict by the UK Parliament on this Agreement which is bad for the UK and bad for Gibraltar. There are now further votes planned in the UK Parliament this week and clearly we would hope that the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal (ie hard Brexit) is also defeated.
The best outcome for Gibraltar is that in due course circumstances should develop to give us a second referendum on whether to accept a withdrawal agreement or remain within the EU or to see a revocation of Article 50 completely so that we could stay in the EU. The GSD has consistently said for months that this was a bad deal for Gibraltar when compared to remaining in the EU and we continue to consider the developing political panorama in UK could make better outcomes more favourable to Gibraltar possible. Despite all that of course the Govt must continue to plan for all scenarios given that this is a fluid political environment where nothing is certain.”