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The GSD has today stated that the failure to regulate foreign net fishing in Gibraltar waters illustrates how the entire GSLP policy in this area has been a mess since day one. The announced increase in the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna quota further highlights the policy confusion and is contrary to the views of local experts within GONHS and the Nautilus Project and many international experts. The GSD makes clear that it disagrees with the now annual increase in the Tuna fishing quota within Gibraltar waters. Blufin Tuna is an endangered species and it makes no sense whatsoever for the quota to be routinely increased.

Trevor Hammond, GSD Environment spokesman said “It really is baffling that the quota for fishing of an endangered species should again be increased this year, it is clearly at odds with any policy aimed at protecting the environment. Government appears to be simply riding a wave of populism in order to secure an election victory while failing to make any decisions that appear unpopular even when they are necessary. Gibraltar has never had a Government so lacking in conviction.

“This year’s budget should have commenced the process of tackling the global climate emergency that the Government were so keen to declare by motion in Parliament and yet not a single significant measure was taken in this year’s budget to start the process of achieving our environmental targets. Months have passed since the Parliamentary motion and nothing has changed, and now, on the Tuna quota, we are actually heading in the wrong direction.

“Government environmental policy has been muddled from the start, on fishing it has been an utter failure and while they continue to enforce the law against local fishermen, Spanish commercial vessels of all shapes and sizes continue to fish in our waters with impunity”