Elliott Phillips

Over 7 years of delays in reviewing the warden arrangements at Albert Risso House continues to expose our elderly to avoidable risks to their health, safety and welfare.

The unanswered calls by Albert Risso Tenant’s Association requesting that the Government resolve the long outstanding issues regarding the provision of wardens is fully supported by the GSD. 

The  current warden arrangements are not fit for purpose and there are no workable proposals on the table to provide the support that our elderly residents deserve. The Government’s failure to proactively deal with this issue demonstrates that the elderly, who should be at the top of the Government’s  agenda, are at the bottom of the pile. 

The GSD notes that despite the former GSD Government commitment to improving the provision of wardens at ARH 3 months before the GSLP/Liberals were elected into office, the Government has failed to deal with this issue and take seriously the concerns of the some of the most vulnerable members of society. 

Wardens serve an important and critical role in Government accommodation particularly with the elderly and it is high time the Government tackle the hitherto inconsistent approach to care being experienced across the board by our elderly. 

It is clear that the Government have failed the residents of ARH by simply ignoring their longstanding and repeated requests. The GSD receive worrying examples of risks to the health, safety and welfare of the elderly residents of ARH, a significant majority of which have disability or mobility related issues. 

Shadow Minister for Housing Elliott Phillips MP said: 

“It is seriously disappointing that citizens who have worked all their lives and who have made important contributions to our community are treated to unacceptable levels of delay in relation to their calls for improved support by wardens at ARH. How can it take 7 years for the Government to review with a view to improving and meeting the needs of the elderly? Surely our elderly citizens deserve better?

Mr Phillips went on to say:

“The treatment afforded to our elderly citizens on this issue,  is the tip of the iceberg and illustrative of a Government inability to deal with a relatively straightforward housing issue.  It also worryinglydemonstrates that domestic issues are being sacrificed at the altarof Brexit. The GSD will ensure that all our elderly housing stock is sufficiently resourced with residential wardens who will be trained specifically in the area of elderly care. Our elderly deserve better