The GSD have once again raised concerns over the increasing lack of cleanliness of our streets. It seems that now that the winter rains have stopped, the levels of dirt and bad smells are immediately noticeable and on the increase. It is unacceptable that 2018 should repeat the pattern of 2017, the public are right to be concerned about this issue and Government must make far greater efforts to improve the situation as a matter of urgency.

Trevor Hammond, GSD Environment spokesman said “In August last year Minister Cortes was promising a sparkling 2018, he must have been hoping for a year of rain because as Summer arrives there has been no improvement in the condition of our streets. The GSLP Government has overseen a steady decline in the cleanliness of our community over the six years they have been in office. People are fed up. The Chamber of Commerce highlighted this issue last week and despite assurances from the Minister last year that 2018 would see improvements, the facts are plain for all to see, just weeks after the rains have stopped and there has been a sharp decline in the state of our streets. Dirtiness is compounded by the dilapidation of our roads and of many buildings, all adding to a greater sense of disrepair.

“The Government appears to be in denial that there is any issue, despite growing public clamour, joined now by the voice of the Chamber of Commerce. The Government would have us believe that everything is under control but this flies in the face of a reality which is one of dirt, bad smells, dilapidated buildings and crumbling roads. Neither the environment we want visitors to see or one we wish to live in”.