Does Mr Picardo Really Want to Bring Up the GSLP Past?

Mr Picardo would do well to stop talking about the GSLP past.


Mr Azopardi has clearly explained that what he stands for is the international acceptance that Gibraltar’s sovereignty vests in the people of Gibraltar. All that the GSLP/Libs can now do is dig up old footage of Peter Caruana in the 2011 election debate or talk about things that Sir Peter said about 20 years ago. Of course, in his attempt to trash anything GSD Mr Picardo forgets that this is the same Sir Peter Caruana who he has had to desperately rely on to defend him in the McGrail Inquiry. Given what he says he thinks of Sir Peter’s credentials he must be really worried if he has had to rely on Sir Peter to defend him at the Inquiry. Or is it that Mr Picardo’s positions on Sir Peter and Keith Azopardi are all fabricated?

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said: “I have made clear that I believe the sovereignty of Gibraltar vests in the people of Gibraltar. I have been equally clear as far back as 2010 that I do not support an Andorra model for Gibraltar. If digging up 20-year-old footage about Sir Peter Caruana is the yardstick of relevance then the GSLP need to be very careful. If it’s open season on bringing up the past where was Mr Picardo in rejecting the Gibraltar that was plunged into social crisis in 1996 with the fast launches or the Gibraltar that was taken to the brink of direct rule under his GSLP predecessor. Or is it just that he is only trying to repackage what happened in the 1995 riots?

Some of the themes and excesses of the old GSLP have returned. Is that how he and the GSLP want to keep Gibraltar safe by bringing back the old themes of opaqueness or the culture of fear? Is breaking the 2011 promise to halve debt and instead quadruple it to £1.9B a good way of keeping Gibraltar safe? Is stashing away hundreds of millions of pounds of the people’s money in a jungle of companies and not telling the people how much is left or how it’s being spent a good way of keeping Gibraltar safe?

We are clear what we want to do about these things. Gibraltar cannot begin to be safe until it sees the end of Mr Picardo’s Government that is fast taking Gibraltar to ruin with no future and just a return to the themes of the GSLP past.”

Mr Picardo who is the grand flip-flopper of all time has the gall of accusing the GSD of flip-flopping. It’s clear that he has nothing left. Has Mr Picardo forgotten how he advocated the “reverse Greenland” solution for Gibraltar and a plethora of different and contradictory things since Brexit? If there is weakness in Gibraltar’s position it exists now and because of his stance over the last 7 years that has been directionless and concessionary in its approach.

The hilarious thing is that Mr Picardo believes the lies that emerge from his mouth. He is the one without direction and without a clue. He is the one who says one thing and does another. He is the one taking us to the cliff edge of ruin after breaching all his promises on the way. People will ask themselves what happened to the promised new dawn? Many people regret giving them that chance in 2011.