The personal attacks by the Chief Minister on Mr Phillips demonstrates the lengths to which the Government will go to avoid answering the genuinely held serious questions of many members of our community and the Opposition’s criticism of its employment policy. The Government have failed our young people and have condemned a generation of our young people to unskilled work with no hope of skilled training or work that they can be proud of. Despite the Government’s clear failings in this area the GSD have and will always put our young people first. We have offered to work with the Government on all areas concerning skills training and that offer has been rejected outright without explanation. Young people deserve better than the political pantomime being created by the Chief Minister.

Elliott Phillips MP said:

” It’s been 7 years and the Government have done nothing to advance skills training. The Chief Minister should ensure that on the home front domestic affairs are properly taken care. Instead of leading on the important domestic issues of the day the Chief Minister appears to be intent on being the sole passenger on the Prime Ministers’ bandwagon and supporting a bad deal for Gibraltar when the wheels are clearly falling off! In any event if he really is far too busy to deal with the serious concerns of the people of our community on the domestic agenda perhaps he should look to other 9 Ministers in his Government who are paid a total of just under £1 Million pounds per year and get on with doing the job they were elected in 2011 to do, namely amongst other things, to advance the training of skills amongst our young people”