GSLP Fishing Policy Failure

The GSD continues to receive concerns and complaints from local anglers who feel that they are being hard done by. While Spanish Commercial fishing vessels continue to fish with impunity in Gibraltar waters, often in plain sight of the authorities who take no action, local anglers comply with all legislation which often entails specific bans on species such as octopus and tuna and should they fail to do so, they face fines. They have no objection to this provided the rules are applied to all and not just locals.

Trevor Hammond, GSD environment spokesman said “I am receiving reports and pictures daily of the clear breaches in our laws in broad daylight by Spanish Commercial fishing boats. It was this government in their 2011 manifesto who said that they ‘do not believe it is right to allow illegal fishing in our waters and that they would stop this immediately’. They said that they would enforce the ban on the use of the drift nets, they have done nothing of the sort.”

While local anglers endure a regime of enforcement, and are happy to do so, appreciating the positive impact on fish stocks in our waters, their patience has been exhausted by the unfair application of the rules which target them but ignore the far greater environmental damage caused by Spanish net fishing. It is completely unfair and time for the Government to admit that despite their tough rhetoric on fishing and the environment, their policy has failed dismally.