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GSD Gibraltar Social Democrats

The GSD welcomes the GSLP Government’s announcement that they no longer support development in the Queensway Quay basin.
GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “this is a victory for many people who are against this development and a vindication of the position taken by the GSD months ago. We are glad the Government now agrees with us on this issue. It is about time that they did and listened to people on this. It is obvious that this is a transparent and unprincipled decision in the run up to an election. It is hollow that they should distance themselves from the project that cannot have been tabled without discussions with Government having been held behind closed doors.

This is not about the GSLP’s commitment to better planning but a worry about votes. Be that as it may the decision will be welcome to many people.
We had said months ago that we were against the development and would not allow it if elected to Government. We have a firm commitment to strategic planning. The residents of Queensway Quay will not forget that this promise comes late and how it has emerged.

It is a real shame that the GSLP who seem to govern by what they hear on social media and not on principle have not also heard the voices of the hundreds of people against the Queen’s Cinema development. And why is the Victoria Keys development protected from review? There should now be a revisiting of that development also.”