The GSD is thrilled to introduce an exciting development – the launch of a dedicated sub-committee of the Party Executive focused on fostering youth engagement in politics.
The GSD has long been dedicated to nurturing the involvement of young individuals in the local political arena. This commitment is underscored by the representation of remarkable and talented young people within the Executive Committee.
“GSD Future” has emerged in response to the increasing interest and demand from other young GSD members to have their own independently-operated, active sub-committee. With the backing of the GSD Executive, GSD Future has been officially established as a sub-committee within the party’s framework.
GSD Future Chairperson Giovanni Origo said:
“Our mission is clear: to empower the voices of the next generation and cultivate a vibrant, inclusive political landscape. Together, we will build a bright future for our Gibraltar, one where the energy and vision of our youth drive positive change and progress.”
GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said:
“Young people are our future leaders. I got involved in politics in my 20s and it is important that we have young people interested in participating in politics at all levels so we can pass the baton onto a new generation. The involvement of young people is crucial for the shaping of the new agenda. Joining to do this you can influence how things are run and what decisions are taken. This is about the issues that affect you on a daily basis – from housing to jobs, personal rights or healthcare. Come and join our movement for change.”
Young individuals interested in getting involved are encouraged to connect with us through our various social media platforms or by sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming your active participation!