20 Candidates for 8 Places on GSD Executive

By 24th February 2022 No Comments

20 candidates will contest the 8 places available in the second round of the GSD Executive Elections next month.

The successful candidates will join MPs as well as the 8 other members elected in the first round of Executive elections held in early January and other appointed members in the 30-plus strong Executive of the Party.

Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi said: “This is an exciting time for the Party. The fact that there is such a strong competitive contest for the remaining elected places is a sign of the momentum and interest in the Party. It is also a big sign of the desire to get involved and participate in our movement for change.

“It’s time to stand up and be counted and get involved. There are some excellent candidates in the field and I look forward to their further involvement at all levels of the Party. All the signs are there that the Party is gathering serious interest and momentum. The regeneration and strengthening of the Party is a massively important task. This will be the Executive team that will take big decisions ahead of the next general elections.”

Tarik El-Yabani, GSD Membership Secretary said: “The fact that so many candidates have come forward and met the eligibility rules is a fantastic sign for the future. We have had more than 30 candidates for 16 places with 20 candidates for these 8 places in the second round alone. This is a sign of the strength of the Party and of a grassroots desire to participate that is very welcome.

“The elections sub-committee met yesterday to agree the logistics for the Party Members vote that will take place during mid-March. We will now be writing to candidates to inform them of the process and informing Party Members of how they can exercise their right to vote in March.”