The GSD notes and welcomes the news, as advertised through a specialist publication, that the Gibraltar Government is finally inviting tenders for what is described as the  . The tender is advertised with a contract price of £250,000.
The announcement has to be viewed in the context of a frenzied building spree which this Government has overseen under its watch in which no nook and cranny of Gibraltar has been or is being spared from construction. This is particularly telling in the case of Devil’s Tower Road, the seemingly uncontrolled development of which is changing the area into a sprawling concrete jungle.
The fact is that the Government has shown that they have no sense of any real plan or vision for Gibraltar adopting what can only be described as a piecemeal approach. This was evident when they had to issue a specific plan for Devil’s Tower Road as a result of pressure.
The starting of the tender process now means that Gibraltar will continue to be without a plan until at least 2024 despite the long list of projects which continue to come on line.
Gibraltar’s urban fabric is a fundamental element of our cultural identity and should be jealously guarded. It is this, after all, what makes Gibraltar not only a place worth living for residents, but a place worth visiting for tourists.
“Despite the challenge and while the horse has in many ways already bolted, in government we would pursue a long term vision for urban planning as we had committed to do in 2019. This is what Gibraltar needs and what this Government has singularly failed to do in their 12 years in office.” said Damon Bossino