The GSD yesterday visited Ironside House and George Don House to see for itself the complaints raised by residents regarding the lack of lift maintenance, with one of the lifts having been out of service for five months now.

In a GSD statement, Shadow Minister for the Elderly Lawrence Llamas MP said “the claims made by the residents of the estate are entirely legitimate and comprehensible. It is bad enough that one particular lift has been broken down for an extensive period of time, but when a second lift which can alleviate the issue also goes out of service (as is often and currently the case) it results in persons being unable to leave their homes for days and weeks on end.

The situation has also given rise to a number of falls and accidents suffered by residents, with the ambulance having to have attended one particular fall in recent weeks.

I was particularly concerned by the experience of an elderly couple, aged well into their eighties who have been unable to enjoy their Sunday outings with their families for over two weeks now. This is most unfortunate and in fact sad when everyday of one’s life is just as important, regardless of your age.
I therefore call on the Government to resolve this long standing issue and ensure the contracted company is providing the maintenance service it is paid to do”