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The GSD is fully supportive of the latest concerns expressed by teachers and their planned demonstration today.

The GTA/NASUWT leader Victor Gonzalez made clear at the Unions’ May Day Rally yesterday that the demonstration was not about their current pay claim but because of the recent “arrogance and disrespect” shown by the Government to teachers.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “We are completely supportive of teachers in this. They should be respected and consulted. When promises are made they should be kept to. When promises cannot be made politicians should be clear and honest. That attitude gains respect. The attitude the Government and Chief Minister has shown teachers can only break down any prospect of trust and confidence. In his latest pronouncements the Chief Minister would have teachers believe that the account being given by the Union leadership is untrue. This lacks all credibility – like when he said that Unite were dividing workers by holding a separate rally at the Piazza. Teachers can rest assured we are fully behind their efforts that they should be respected and fully consulted on educational matters. There needs to be real and constructive engagement with teachers.”

Political parties have been asked not to join the march once it sets off and the GSD will respect that decision by the GTA/NASUWT.