GSD requests further information regarding contractual agreements with Spanish healthcare providers

The GSD notes the recent announcements from the Government regarding new contractual agreements entered into with Quironsalud and Clinica Universidad de Navarra respectively.

It may be standard in commercial contracts that parts of it may be commercially sensitive such as itemised value of specific services, however, there should be certain information which could be made public.

The initial reasonable and legitimate questions that come to mind are:

1) The overall value of the contract
2) Whether fees are payable per patient treated or a flat monthly fee; or a combination
of both
3) The commencement and expected duration of the contracts
4) The number of patients currently receiving care at these tertiary centres and the
expected number of patients expected in the future under these agreements
5) Aftercare patient support available

In a GSD statement today, Shadow Minister for Health and Care, Lawrence Llamas MP said “The GSD strongly believes in continuation of care and repatriation of healthcare services, any changes must be primarily for the benefit of the patient and secondly to ensure the taxpayer gets the best value for money, with changes having been fully consulted with patients at all times.

It is standard in commercial contracts of this nature for Government not to publish full details of the contract, that much we accept. However, when you look at NHS announcements of contracts in the UK, there is greater detail provided to the public which better justifies the contracts entered into. We therefore request the Government do provide answers to the five points we have outlined today to better inform the public.”