GSD Reaction to fatal incident

By 1st October 2019 No Comments
GSD Gibraltar Social Democrats

“The death of a young man last night at sea is of course tragic and an investigation should be undertaken to establish what exactly happened. Our condolences to the family. The exact circumstances of what transpired are as yet publicly unknown and the GSD will not be drawn into speculating as to the causes of the incident pending a full investigation.


It is concerning, however, to see that there are already reports of incitements to violent incidents on Gibraltar customs or police officers in Spain or on Gibraltar vehicles. Such acts would be repugnant and Spanish authorities should ensure that matters are not worsened by unprovoked attacks. Our officers and authorities in all essential services – especially the Customs and the Police when at sea – do a difficult job at the best of times. They deserve our full support and will get that from the GSD” said GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi.