The GSD is concerned at the GGCA allegation that some senior officers have been awarded a 10% pay rise under the guise of a “responsibility allowance”. This at a time when Sir Joe Bossano has warned that the cost of the public sector is unsustainable relative to the private sector and the Government introduced a pay rise cap in the 2018 Budget.

Mr Clinton the GSD shadow minster for Public Finance said:

“This seems to be a more serious repeat of the case in 2016 when two senior civil servants were given personal 28% pay rises by the Chief Minister. If what the GGCA is alleging is true then the Chief Minister has some explaining to do given Sir Joe Bossano’s recent comments about public sector pay relative to the private sector.

In the 2018 Budget not only did the Chief Minister impose a pay rise cap for those earning more than £46,000 in the public sector but he announced “an exercise to review senior public sector salaries and relativities”. Since the Budget we have heard nothing further about this review and I invite the Chief Minister to make public its results if it has been completed.

At a time when there are also rumours about special Brexit allowances for select staff the Chief Minister has to come clean on the GGCA’s concerns on the introduction of “responsibility allowances” and identify the posts concerned, the total cost and the criteria used in awarding such allowances. Above all Civil Servants and the public deserve fairness, transparency and financial accountability. ”