Development Eyesore

The GSD has today questioned the decision to permit the construction of a building in excess of seventy metres tall on Devil’s Tower Road. The decision to allow such a proposal is disappointing in terms of the impact the development will have on the iconic vista of the north face of the Rock, already marred by construction but nothing on this scale. This development would set a new and unfortunate precedent.

Trevor Hammond, GSD spokesman for planning and the Environment said “this latest development is adding to the unrelenting pace at which permissions for huge construction projects are being approved. Some of these are of questionable necessity and are taking little consideration of the impact of construction on our community.

“We have recently seen the Government itself constructing blocks at Europa Point which have ruined that vista of the Rock as you look back at it from Europa. We now have approval for similar to happen at the other end of the Rock. No consideration seems to be given as to how these will look, what they are is ugly and inappropriate.

“Government must consider more carefully the impact of the pace of all of these developments on our community. We are living in a permanent construction site with noise at all hours, dust everywhere affecting the air we breathe, traffic and congestion exacerbated by lorries associated with construction. which also damage our roads and pollute our air. What legacy are we leaving for future generations.